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News: This is Shrove Footbal

Each year on Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday, Ashbourne becomes a war zone! The majority of the ablebodied men, women and children take to the streets to play what is probally the largets football game in the world! - The two teams number in the hundreds, and the palying field is 3 miles long, 2 miles wide and has the town of Ashbourne in the middle!

WTFoto News Scoop Sundays: Puttin' It to Putin!

For those of you behind on their international politics, Vladimir Putin has once again been elected as President of Russia. And right now, there are over 20,000 protesters in Moscow yelling about election fraud. Now, whether or not you think they're right, or whether or not you think Putin is a badass (he is, for the record), you have to admit he is an amazingly interesting cultural figure. And what do we do with amazing cultural figures? Why, we make fun of them with Impact-laden photos, of ...

News: Hammer and Chisel, Fo Shizzel! Engraving on Wood Like a Photoshop Pimp

Everyone's been in the following situation. You're sitting there at a nice bar, chatting up a smoking hot member of the opposite sex when all of a sudden they drop this bomb: "Can you engrave on wood in Photoshop?" The next thing you know, the night spirals into blackness and you wake up in a puddle of your own tears with some half-eaten beef jerky hanging out of your mouth.

WTFoto Image Macro Challenge: Give Us Your Best Hobo Advice!

Hey guys, gals, and everyone in-between! This week's WTFoto Challenge is a real humdinger. For the first time ever, we're asking you to ply your image macro skills and make us belly laugh like a drunken hillbilly at a corn festival. We've created our very own image macro for you to memify—Hobo Advice! Check out the full instructions below to get started.

WTForeign Fridays: 9 Crazy Festivals from Around the Globe

In many ways, we center a large portion of our lives around festivals. They provide us days off from work, allow us time to be content with our families and loved ones, and a give us a chance to eat as much as we want without Aunt Carol saying something about our necks (it's thyroidal, Carol). However, some festivals are determined to push the needle to crazy. Here, for your consideration, are those offenders.

Fire Dousing Baby Doll: WTFoto Stock Photo Challenge Winner (Plus Favorites)

For any of you not in the loop, last week marked our first ever WTFoto Challenge. The goal was to find the craziest, most absurd stock photo on the web we've never seen before. There were a lot of WTF images submitted to our community corkboard, and now it's time to announce the results of the stock image showdown. Who will win the the honor of Watermark of Weirdness? Drumroll please, imaginary band leader named Tim Drickles...

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