Forum Thread: Introduce Yourself!

Welcome to WTFoto!

Say hi, and tell us what you're all about. Do you live in a cave? Tell us about it. Are you a pair conjoined twins? Both of you weigh in. Don't speak English? Use Google Translate–we'll work it out. We want to hear from everyone lurking out in what it was once cool to call cyberspace

So drop in. You can just say 'yo' or you can tell us your life story. As Biggie Smalls once said–'It's all good, baby baby.'

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I'm James and I'm an Aquarius. Like water, I am dynamic and part hydrogen. I have been on the internet since Al Gore invented it and have seen so many photos of cats that I now find them ugly. 

I am originally from Australia but now live in New York. Don't worry, I still have the accent.

I am Justin. I am new to memes, besides the occasional glance of one online. I can't ever recall seeing a meme and saying, "Hey, that's a meme," but now maybe I will. My sense of humor tends to be pretty wry (and sometimes too dry).

Hello my name is Aaron, and these ads just crack me up.  Amateur photographer, full time student and Univ. of Cinci.  Father of 4.  Nice to meet all of you

Hi folks! I work virtually way too much and enjoy watching the monkeys dance in my limited downtime. 

I'm a bit of a weirdo, but not in that cool way that people pretend to be when they sing along with Radiohead's Creep and imagine it's about them.


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